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Common Questions about Blind Cricket

How do you play blind cricket?

Blind cricket is similar to normal sighted cricket except that you play the game using a ball that has metal washers and lead weights inside so that it makes an audible noise when it's moving. Other than that the game is no different to the game you see on TV during the summer.

How do you bat or bowl, if you can't see the ball?

When you bowl you use the wicket keeper as a guide, by listening to the direction of their voice.
With batting, if it is domestic rules then you have a runner who calls for you. If it's international rules you have to listen.

How do you field?

By trying to react to the ball when hearing it or feeling it hit. If you can see the ball you field as normal. If you can not see the ball a person who has sight (say, the wicket keeper) will tell you where it is and to drop and find it. When the totally blind fielder finds it they are given a call to aim at when returning the ball.

What type of ball do you use?

The ball is a moulded solid plastic ball with ball bearings inside. This ball doesn't bounce all that much but travels fast off the bat when hit, making for interesting high scoring games, especially between international teams.

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