Blind Cricket in New South Wales

Administration and Control at a State Level

The game of Blind Cricket in NSW is administered and controlled at a State level by Blind Cricket NSW and at a National level by Blind Cricket Australia (BCA).

Blind Cricket NSW and Blind Cricket Australia both exist to foster, administer and promote a world-class sport and provide a competitive and recreational activity for persons with a vision impairment at a domestic, national and international level.

There are currently two teams playing in the Association's domestic competition and the cricket season is conducted from September/October through to March/April each cricket season.

Every twelve months Blind Cricket NSW is responsible for selecting, funding and sending a side to the National Cricket Inclusion Championships (NCIC) currently played in Geelong, Victoria in late January each year.

Goals and Objectives of Blind Cricket NSW

Blind Cricket NSW is a non-profit organisation that:-

1)  raises funds for the development, promotion and expansion of the game of blind cricket in NSW

2)  will assist with the future development of the game both within NSW and throughout Australia

3)  will promote the game of Blind Cricket within the community

4)  will integrate the sport and our members through associating ourselves with able bodied organisations

5)  will attract new members, through innovative strategies, to the game to assist in its expansion

6)  will attract junior members, through innovative strategies, to the game to assist in its expansion

7)  will provide members with worthwhile cricket, both socially and at a competitive level

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