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The Australian Blind Cricket Council was founded during visit to Brisbane by teams from Victoria and New South Wales in April 1951. Players and officials agreed that Australian Blind Cricket Championships should be arranged every two years.

The Inaugural Australian Blind Cricket Council Cricket Tournament was held in Melbourne from the 29th December, 1952 to the 5th of January 1953. Four states from Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and Queensland competed in the tournament. Victoria, who defeated Queensland in the final, won the tournament.

Sydney hosted the second ABCC Cricket Tournament some two years later and progressively each State took their turn at hosting the tournament every two years. South Australia joined the ranks at the 11th ABCC Championships held in Sydney 1970- 71 and Western Australia joined two years later in Brisbane during the 12th ABCC Championships held 1972 - 73.

Tasmania and Western Australia have not competed in recent National Championships due to lack of players and financial constraints. However, cricket is still played in these States on a limited basis. Western Australia have regular matches each weekend during the summer season whilst Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland have a domestic competition and social cricket matches.

The Australian Blind Cricket Council joined the International cricket ranks of the World Blind Cricket Council in September 1996. Australia is a Foundation Member of the World Blind Cricket Council and has two delegates attend International Meetings as they are convened. To this date two World Blind Cricket Tournaments have been held, both staged in Delhi and Chennai, India.

The Australian Blind Cricket Council has also arranged two visits to New Zealand and hosted a Tri-Nation Tournament between Australia, England and New Zealand in Brisbane during April 2000. On January 2004 at Bankstown Sydney, Australia will be competing in an International Series against New Zealand. New South Wales will also be the Host State for the forthcoming 27th ABCC National Blind Cricket Championships. They will be held late December 2003 through to the 10th January 2004.

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